Scourge / Red Planet

by Ulthar

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released June 21, 2014

These two demos were engineered and recorded June 7th at Cha Charazzi by Robin 'Special Candy' Carine. Mixed on Friday the 13th. Mastered by Ryan Schwabe. Produced by Robin Carine and Ulthar. Logo by Lucas Carine.

Performed by George Cosgrove, Bass Guitar. Lucas Carine, Drums and Vocals. Micah Edwards, Alto Saxophone and Vocals. Fletcher VanVliet, Guitar and Vocals.



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Ulthar Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Heavy weirdness from Philadelphia.

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Track Name: Scourge
They came from the stars, hungry for slaughter.
Fortress in the sky swallowed the sunlight.
Endless days of night have rotten the harvest.
Withered. Forsaken. Spirit is broken.

Into the underground.
Batten the hatches down.
Fallen back behind the wall.
Raise the gates and ready the catapult.
All is still upon the hill.
Somewhere inside us a pestilence rising.
Through our hearth!

Warrior, cold and tired.
Come inside, warm by the fire.
Mother, sister, wife and daughter.
Father why!?
Their bodies burning.
Flesh is dripping from your lips.
Eyes of madness.
Cold, cruel laughter.
You rise up.
I curse the gods and pry the evil from thy heart.
Sheath my sword into its scabbard.
Vengeance soon will be mine.
For my family.
Their lives, the unholy sacrifice.

Metal gods.
Iron maw, screaming death.
All hope is lost.
Warrior, chosen one.
Only you can save the sun.
From the fields a fallen god rises skyward.
Fly forth, find the force that fuels the furnace.
Hold Fast!
Ride to war!
Track Name: Red Planet
We toil and slave.
We're breaking our backs for the king.
Children are born hungry and poor.
Why is it so easy to look away?

Nothing ever changed. The order of things remains.
Freedom was always, only a dream.

The beast wears many masks.
Cut off his head and two will grow back to take it's place.

Once again back into the red world.
Can I control the anger?
Every day is desperate.
I want to feel something.
Can't I feel anything but rage?
Voice of dread talks softly.
Specter of Death is stalking.
I feel his cold hands around my neck.

I can't stand it. It's my fault. It's my fate. It's not a habit.
I can't change if it's in my nature.